As a parent, you are likely utilizing many of the strategies below to encourage desired behaviors. The following strategies are helpful reminders:

1. Redirect your child from the undesirable behavior and prompt your child to engage in the desired behavior.
2. Move closer to your child as a prompt to begin the desired behavior.
3. Offer your child choices. Remember the options you provide are within your control.
4. Nonverbal cues can be helpful in reminding your child to utilize a newly learned skill. Examples may be a hand signal that you and your child agree to use as a cue.
5. Planned ignoring of an undesirable behavior can be helpful but be sure the behavior can be ignored and would not be a safety risk to your child.
6. Provide praise when you see your child engage in the behavior you are teaching.
7. Avoid power struggles.
8. Focus on what your child is doing right with minimal focus on what they are not doing. Praise should occur 5 times more often than a correction.